Monday, October 15, 2007

Portfolio Trends

One Page Portfolios. An interesting trend in online portfolios, by way of

In general, I like this as a solution. Having recently redesigned my own portfolio using this approach, I found that it reduced the complexity of organizing your work into sections.

I have usually organized my work into categories like web, print, identity, etc. The main problem that I have with this approach, is that projects will usually cover at least 2 categories and sometimes more. Requiring you to choose one category over another or use some other approach that could lead to more work for you.

Another strategy that I've seen is to organize things by client or product name. This is usually not a good way to find specific types of projects, and a potential client or employer might not find the example that will get you the job. A link to a great portfolio as an example of this.

Hence, the one page portfolio to unite them all.

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