Sunday, October 28, 2007

Designer Profile: Mossimo Vignelli

Renaissance Designer, Mossimo Vignelli was trained as an Architect but did not restrict himself exclusively to that discipline. Vignelli is a conceptual designer that strives for function in addition to timeless form. His conceptual approach has allowed him & his company to design brand identity systems for American Airlines, Benetton (1995), and Ducatti (1998) to furniture for Knoll, Heller plasticwear, and interiors for churches and department stores. The couple has also written a few books. Vignelli and his Wife were recently featured among nine designers who changed perceptions by New York magazine. The couple have received many awards for their work and the fact that they have continued to produce work well after they no longer needed to is inspirational to me. While his design philisophy might be too narrow for some people, there is much that can be learned from him.

The video is of the couple discussing some of their furniture and design philosophy.

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