Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Current Read: About Face 3 - Update

I've been reading this book on the bus, to and from work. I have gotten as far as chapter 5 and I have a few impressions.

Good Things:
  • The information is comprehensive and detailed. Cooper & gang include some good real world example cases and anecdotes.
  • The authors are obviously seasoned experts and can explain why they advocate the approach they do, because they've tried the other theories and adopted the best parts for themselves.
  • Their process is detailed and well documented.

Bad Things:
  • They don't use plain english. Many of the words they use are either new to me or not part of my common vocabulary.
  • The author also LOVES to use commas. They create extremely long sentences that group several concepts, subjects, phrases, terms, and methods together, and, that just aint kosher, cool, desirable, or advantageous.
Combine these two things together I have to re-read certain passages several times. Part of the problem seems to come from trying to be too complete and thorough. It isn't so bad that I won't continue but it is very frustrating!

That's all for now. Happy halloween.

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