Tuesday, October 16, 2007

current read: About Face 3

The third edition from Alan Cooper & gang. This book focuses on interaction design as it relates to the software creation process and how design (in various forms) can influence the "process" for the benefit of those who are supposed to actually use it.

One thing that I'm slowly learning as I progress in my design career. You must never stop learning. This is true for most things really, life, job, relationships; change is the only eternal constant. Add in some technology, and you have a future that requires you to be smaller, faster, and stronger than ever.

Nothing like an interview to bring this piece of reality to your attention. I am going to try reading more and watching soap operas less.

Btw, I noticed the prices from Amazon for this book are really good. I picked mine up from the University Bookstore for $45. Good bookstore, but a little spendy.

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