Thursday, October 18, 2007

designer confessional: writing

I have a little secret to confess. Here goes.

I love writing but I also hate it.

I love expressing my ideas and communicating with people but I loath grammar and spelling, the rules & framework of writing. Which to me is a little strange. As a designer, I love requirements, it gives me a context to form a solution around. However, when I am trying to write I find the rules to be a hindrance. I get so wound up about whether i should use a , or ; that I just stop and do something else. The other option is to just write and forget about all the rules that cage the words in. Awesome right!? Nope, now when I re-read it, its a bloody rambling mess that could use some order, punctuation, and spell check. Writing has become something to be avoided at all costs. Find it a little strange that I've started a blog? I do!

Btw, ever notice how many designers or graphic artists are terrible at spelling and grammar. Ironic since we've chosen to work so closely with letters, words, and language. Thank goodness for spell check.

Any thoughts, tips, stories, confessions?

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