Monday, November 5, 2007

Mac or PC

Where do you fall? This is usually the type of debate that falls in the same category as religion and politics. Almost everyone has a specific point of view and they love to shout about it. Personally, I like whatever helps me when I need it too, doesn't slow me down too much, or cost a lot.

  • tons of viruses written for it (just wait till macs get cheap or free in asia, then we'll see who doesn't have anymore viruses)
  • Tons of software and games.
  • Tons of peripherals, generic (cheap!) parts, etc
  • OS doesn't have a high form factor, it is getting better, a little

  • Some solid software, games
  • some compatible peripherals & generic parts
  • Innovative & smooth development pipeline, allows for frequent new releases (new releases every quarter, that they want you to buy. upgrade revenue yo!)
  • PT Barnum for a ceo, no one better at creating a spectacle.

Either way, it usually comes down to price for me. I don't have the extra cash to put down for a mac that is probably slower than the Windows machine I could get for the same price.

Here is a funny video that covers some other points that i didn't.

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